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Why should I consider participating with Florida Physicians Trust (FPT)?

  1. Florida Physicians Trust is a Level E MSSP ACO, which is an Advanced APM. Participation in a qualifying ACO allows providers to forgo MIPS and receive an annual 5 percent bonus over Medicare Part B reimbursement.
  2. Participants have the opportunity to receive shared savings from the ACO as the network demonstrates its ability to lower health care costs while meeting CMS quality standards.
    The Guardian HIE architecture provides the capability for:

 a) electronically moving clinical information among and between disparate providers and information systems, while maintaining the meaning of the information being exchanged

 b) building a complete and fluid real-time view of a patient (Patient Master Chart), through longitudinal integration of patient health data/information at points of care
 c) accessing the right information at the right time for clinical decision-making, and avoiding duplication of services and reducing medication and medical errors
 d) optimizing compliant and audit-proof medical risk adjustment
 e) monitoring and comparing performance relative to outcome parameters across the network
 f) engaging the patient through portal access to their own personal medical data
 g) fully satisfying the technology requirements of MIPS and APMs.
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