Welcome to Florida Physicians Trust

Clinical Care Coordination

Utilizing the Guardian Suite of Tools our Primary Care Physicians are working in true Collaboration with our Specialist Physicians providing a true Team-Based Approach in the delivery of your healthcare

Ancillary Care Coordination

FPT’s network of Ancillary Healthcare Providers are also committed to providing our Medicare Fee-for-Service patients with high quality Patient-Centered Healthcare through the use of the Guardian System

Delivering Results to our Patients and Providers

The Florida Physicians Trust Accountable Care Organization (ACO) team is working toward the Three Part Aim at all times, Better Health for Individuals, Better Health for Populations, and Reducing the Overall Costs of Care for everyone


As one of the first 27 ACO's started across the country in April of 2012, Florida Physicians Trust represents hundreds of Independent Physicians along the I-4 Corridor and down in South Florida. With over 7000 patients under the care of our extensive Independent Physician Network, Florida Physicians Trust is committed to providing high quality care to our patients, helping them to reduce the overall costs of care, and working hand in hand in order to strengthen the Doctor-Patient Bond. FPT is physician OWNED, physician OPERATED, and physician GOVERNED.